Apply for a Fund Raising Grant

WB Children’s Books are not profit driven. Whilly Bermudez created them in order to help others by inspiring good deeds. At WB Kids, we believe it is our responsibility to use our unique assets to support the well-being of children and their families and to enrich their learning experiences. Through the WB Kids Book Grants Program, a corporate in-kind giving initiative, WB Kids donates books annually to children and families in need. Our goal is to ensure that each of our book donations has a significant impact on fostering literacy and a joy of reading among the most at-risk young people and families, with a particular emphasis on inner-city and rural areas.

Book donations and Fundraising assistance are provided on two levels:


WB Kids identifies and collaborates with non-profit organizations and causes that share our social mission and are aligned to our major outreach initiatives to be the recipients of fund raising grants through the sale of our books. Selected organizations are those that demonstrate both reach and impact – reaching the greatest number of children while creatively using WB Kids books to make a significant impact on the literacy needs of traditionally underserved children.


Book donations are provided at the one-time request of organizations that have tax-exempt classification under sections 170 (c) or 501 (c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Requests from organizations with quality literacy programs focused on serving the needs of at-risk children or families, particularly those living in inner city or rural areas, are more likely to be granted. Donated books cannot be resold.

Telephone, facsimile or e-mail requests, incomplete applications or repeat requests (from organizations that have received a donation within the calendar year) will not be considered.


  • Number of Paid Staff
  • Please provide a 1-2 sentence description of how the organization intends to use the requested donation.Describe the main population your organization serves.
  • Program Evaluation Questionaaire

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
  • Your organization's Tax Exempt Status
    A divst of your organization's Board of Directors and/ Leadership team
    A description of your organization
    A detailed description of your program's divteracy component